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imagination starts here.
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co-working for creatives

Make money simply by using our space.

Built for the creative small business-preneur - we’re talking to all of you Etsy sellers! Stop making your stuff in your house, with little focus and constant interruption. Join our #creativecommunity .



Join a business community consisting of like-minded creatives. Collaboration and networking opportunities are available to members - promote and grow your business!

increased $$$

Not only do you have access to upwards of $35k worth of professional equipment (which we’re willing to bet is far better than yours), but you can crank out production here!


You’re surrounded by other creatives AND immersed in a uniquely creative environment - what more could you need for energy and inspiration!? #wecool

flexible time

We totally get the need for flexible schedules and are open 24/7! Come here at anytime or any day of the week to make your products - without any interruptions or lack of focus.

Fusion IQ Heat Press Custom t-Shirts

Direct to Garment Printing: personalized t-shirts & tanks, custom totes & bags

Roland Versa Studio Vinyl Cutter Printer Custom Stickers

Vinyl Cutter/Printer: custom vinyl stickers, custom vinyl signs

Rabbit Laser Cutter Engraver Custom Wood Acrylic Projects

Laser Cutting/Engraving: custom wood projects, acrylic projects

Lulzbot 3D Printer Custom Projects

3D Printer: custom 3D printed projects, gadgets & more

Check out the Space!


We’re best described as being like a unicorn on shrooms, in a craft store.

Think of us as your Shaman.